User Roles

User roles are a way to manage and control permission for any back-office user. Here, you can block certain users from viewing and editing sensitive functions and reports. This page will list all known available user roles.

To manage your user roles, navigate to Employees > User Roles.

You may create a new user role by selecting +New, or you may Edit an already existing one.

Once you are on the Edit User Role Page locate the Permissions box. Here, you can find all available permissions. To allow a permission, click the corresponding checkbox. All known permissions are listed below.


Cashier Roles: Create, Delete, edit, and List Cashier Role.

Cashiers: Create, Delete, Edit, and List cashiers.

Time Tracking Entities: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Time Tracking entities.

User Roles: Create, Delete, Edit, and List User Roles

Users: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Users


Item Sequence: Create, Delete, Edit and List Item sequence.

Tabel Overview: Create, Delete, Edit and List Table overview

Evaluations: All known evaluation reports are listed below this tab

Exports: allows permission to export any of the selected evaluations.


Customer Orders: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Customer Orders.

Dispatch Notification: Create, Delete, Edit, and List  Dispatch Notifications.

Inventories: Create, Delete, Edit, List and Manage Inventory.

Order Cycles: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Order Cycles.

Stock Adjustments: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Stock Adjustments.

Stock Order Template: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Order templates.

Stock Orders: Create, Delete, Edit, and List stock Order.

Stock Receipt: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Stock Receipt

Stock Return: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Stock Return

Store Order Collections: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Stock Order Template.

Store Order Templates: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Store Order Templates.

Store Order: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Store Order.

Suppliers: Create, Delete, Edit, and List suppliers. you may also View Inventory

Warehouse: List of warehouses, Show Inventory Expenses, Show Inventory value. you may also Manage Contract and Manage Franchise


Create Message, Delete Message, Edit Message, List Messages.


Instant Order, Instant Order portal.


Entry Gates: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Entry Gates. You may also give permission for Entry Report.

Events: Edit Events and List Events.

Ticket Category: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Ticket Categories.

External Ticket Configurations: Create, Delete, Edit, and List External Ticket Configurations.

Ticket Definitions: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Ticket Definitions.

Tickets: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Tickets.


Assortments: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Assortments.

Balance Statements: Edit, and List Balance Statements.

Cash Journal: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Cash Journal.

Commodity Group: Create, Delete, Edit, and List commodity Group. you may also Correct Purchase Price.

Customers: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Customers. you may also give or take away permission for End of Day statement.

Info Text: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Info Text.

Point Of Sale: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Point Of Sale.

Prepaid Cards: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Prepaid Cards.

Price Groups: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Price Groups.

Price Rules: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Price Rules.

Product: Create, Delete, Edit, Edit Product Listing, Edit Product Number, Edit Store Price, List Product Purchase price, List Products.

Promotions: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Couponing Action. You may also view Receipts.


Additional Receipt Information: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Additional Receipt Info.

Account: Create, Delete, Edit, and List accounts

Button Configuration: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Button Configuration.

Button Layout: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Button Layout.

Contra Accounts: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Contra Accounts.

Cost centers: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Cost centers.

Currencies: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Currency.

Customer Display: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Customer Display Options.

Customer Groups: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Customer Groups.

Data Exchange: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Data Exchange Interface.

Device Configuration Variable: Create, Delete, Edit, and Device Configuration Variables.

Dialect/ Language: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Language/ Dialect

Economic Zone: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Economic Zone

External System Call: Create, Delete, Edit, and List External System Call

Images: Create Image, Delete Image, List Image. You may also Manage Automatic Report Sending, and Manage Stationery.

Number Ranges: Edit Number Range

Organizational Units: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Organizational Unit

POS Profiles: Create, Delete, Edit, and List POS Profiles.

Payment Methods: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Payment Methods.

Producer: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Producer.

Receipt Layout: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Receipt Layout.

Report Files: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Report Files.

Revenue accounts: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Revenue accounts.

Revenue allocation accounts: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Revenue allocation accounts.

Sector: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Sector.

Tag: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Tag.

Taxes: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Taxes.

Verifications: Create, Delete, Edit, and List Verification Requirements.