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Customer Groups


Customer Groups can be linked to Promotions and Price Rules, allowing you to set up employee discounts, senior and student discounts, and more.

The creation of Customer Groups via the back office is relatively simple. Navigate to  Settings > Customer Groups.

Use the +New button to add additional customer groups. You can assign a number, name, and price group to the new customer group.

You also have the option to block certain payment methods for the customer group by moving them into the Prohibited Payment Methods side. This means that they may not pay with a blocked payment method after setting this customer group on the receipt during checkout.

Note* In order to use to customer group button on the cashier must first type in the customer group number before clicking the “customer group” button. this will allow for the function to be enabled. It will also apply it to the open ticket and the group name should appear at the top of the receipt. If the customer tries to pay with a blocked payment method for the customer group, the cashier will be shown the statement shown in the picture.