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PAX: Static IP on Ethernet

How to setup a static IP address on your Android PAX device. Open settings Type in the default PAX password – pax9876@@ Tap ethernet Enable ethernet scroll down to the botton and tap Ethernet Configuration Select Static IP Enter in your IP address Enter in your Netmask Enter in your Gateway Enter in your DNS …


PAX: Static IP on WIFI

How to set a static IP address on your android PAX device, while on WIFI. Open Settings Enter PAX default password – pax9876@@ Select Wi-Fi Turn on Wi-Fi Select your desired network Enter your networks password Push advanced Options Select IP settings Select Static Enter your IP Address Enter Your Gateway Enter your network prefix …


Container Mode

Container Mode allows the POS to default to a product container instead of an individual product when selected. This is a great feature for selling products with the same bar code. Getting Started  First, we'll need to create a product that will be our Container. Specify whether this is a 4 pack, 6 pack, or ...

Payment Processor Support Contact

Here are some of the most commonly used payment processor contact information.   Note: Some of these processors may only have phone support available  TSYS Information Email: General Sales Phone: 888.845.9457 Support for PAX, TransIT Pass and ISV Software Phone: 855.882.0507   First Data  Merchant Support for Small Businesses Phone: 877.810.9315   Priority Support ...

Multiple Payment Type Tracking

You can track individual types of credit card types. This is helpful if you'd like to see all your card types in order to get a better sense of what your processing rates are for each.   Note: This is supported through Genius and Pax devices only. Genius Setup/Pax Setup First, you will need to ...

WooCommerce Integration Guide

Linking Accounts Note: There are an infinite number of plugins for WooCommerce, Korona cannot guarantee that our plugin works well with every other plugin, you may have to test, configure, and reconfigure on your own to get it to work with additional plugins. You can perform 10,000 API calls per API user per day. However, ...

Handheld Inventory Scanner App

The inventory app allows you to process stock receipts, count inventory or scan for product information with our handheld inventory scanner. Logging Into The App First, you will need to initiate and load the app. You will be prompted with a login screen. Now login using your employee assigned login code, then you choose your ...


Selecting this option and activating it on the point of sale requires the customer to put a signature in the customer display before processing a transaction.  E-Signatures To enable navigate to Settings>POS Profiles and under the field POS Settings there is a Capture Digital Signature option. Select the option and save. Now we will need to create buttons ...

Digital Receipts

Selecting this option gives the customer the ability to receive a receipt via email. The customer simply scans a QR code and is redirected to enter in their email. Digital Receipts  Start by navigating to Settings>POS Profile. There is a field called POS Settings with multiple options to choose from. Click on Digital Receipt and then save. Note: Whenever ...

Why Are My PDF Labels Printing Blurry When Using Firefox?

Firefox has an issue that causes reduced resolution for PDF labels. A setting within firefox can resolve this issue. Navigate to the print settings in firefox to Image Quality and change it from 600dpi to HQ1200dpi. This will update the resolution and quality of your PDF label.
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