POS Functions

POS functions are preset points of sale functions such as product search, change quantity, customer lookup and many more.This guide provides an overview of available POS button functions.  You can configure POS buttons under Settings > Button Configurations.  Please also review the guide for creating POS buttons: Create POS Buttons / Button Configuration.


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Activate Batch Printing: allows you to print several reports at once when activated.

Activate Denomination Input One time: Allows change for a cash drawer and inputs the cash in its physical format. For example, five ten dollar bills are represented by 5*10

Activate Deposit Refundmode: Turns the Bottle deposit on. To have the ability to turn off please add the button function deactivate deposit refund mode.

Activate Barcode Scanner: For usage with Serial Connected Scanners, enables RS-232 communications.

Activate Mandatory Signature on ReceiptActivates a signature on the customer display to be required before processing the transaction. 

Add Discount: Applies a % discount to the highlighted product on the receipt. 

Add Free Info Text: This is helpful when wanting to add special instructions or any kind of text on a specific item. It will appear directly under the product name.

Adjust Payment: Allows you to adjust the payment on the receipt. 

Apply Payment TipThis is helpful when wanting to apply tips to a receipt that has been closed or ran with preauthorized credit.

Apply Special Offer: usually special offers are applied when entering TOTAL mode, but you can apply them right away by using this Apply Special Offer function

Assign Salesperson:  Assigns a specific person to a single item on a ticket.

Backround Image: Key in a number between 1 – 10 and pressing this button will change the image to the currently selected number.

Backspace: Removes last entry input

Balance Cashier: Allows the cashier to enter in the amount of cash at the end of shift and prints an end of day cashier report.

Balance POS: Helps the cashier match the totals between what is in the cash drawer and the expected cash.

Bind Items: In the event of a large group order some like items might be spread out through the receipt, this function helps combine all like items on the receipts and give a total of quantity. at the POS the cashier would simply click the button after all item selection has been made.

Bind Payments: In the event, you receive multiple forms of payments this helps combine like payment methods together and gives a total. 

Button Status: When adding this function you must also add a tag to the function button. This function Shows known tags and allows for the selection of that tag to list all associated products.

Cancel: Removes last entry input

Cancel ReceiptA receipt cancellation is only used for an open receipt that has not yet been finalized.

Carry Over Previous Drawer Balance Difference: Carries over the actual entered balance from prior cashier balance

Carry Over Expected Drawer Balance: Carries over what Korona expected for balance from prior cashier balance

Cash Check: is used as a way to check, if the amount of money that’s inside the cash drawer is the expected amount according to the POS. It also serves as the underlying function of apply on the balance screen and as such is only functional on that screen.

Cash Void: Cancels out any cash payment taken at the POS before the finalization of the receipt. This function only works from the payment layout.

Cashier Pause: Allows for a quick log out of the screen without deleting the active receipt. 

Cashier Quick ChangeThis helps 2 or more cashiers work at the same POS with different login numbers. once the cashier is done with the transaction they would simply select the button and they will be logged out 

Central Balance: Allows for a POS Balance from the back office and is typically used when running a 24hr business with no allowed time for the POS to be turned off or in the event you want the cash counting to be done in a secure area. These statements may be found under Sales >Balance Statements.

Central Balance POS: Performs the same action as central balance, However, it performs it for the POS rather than an individual cashier. 

Change Cashier: Allows for a quick log out of the current cashier and allows other cashiers to log in and finalize the open receipt.

Change Economic Zone: this function aids in carrying out a different tax rate Based on a customers economic zone.

Change Item Price: Allows for the $ amount on a product to be adjusted.

Change Quantity: Enter a number and using this function will change the selected products quantity.

Check Prepaid Card: Checks the amount of the Korona gift cards.

Clear Input Line: Helps clear any data from buttons pressed by mistake before selecting the intended function.

Command Sequence Begins/Ends: “begin” takes the numbers from the input line and saves them away, “ends” pastes it again in the input line, so if you run a bunch of functions in a macro it doesn’t break if someone types a random number before the button is pressed

Convert Single Item to Container by Capacity: Entering a number and using this function will change the product to its container by the capacity amount

Convert Single Item to Container by Product Number: Entering a number and using this function will change the product to its container by its product number entered

Copy Receipt: Works from within the receipt archive, Copies the current receipt and prompts it on the screen.

Copy Total to Input: Copies the current total amount from the current receipt and inputs it into the number line.

Cost Account: Allows you to directly access any withdrawal or deposit account and apply money to that account directly

Create Customer Order: Initiates a new customer order at the POS.

Create Delivery Note: Enables you to add a specific delivery note at the point of sale to confirm delivery without payment of a specific order.

Create Event: Starts a new event from the POS.

Create Quote: Allows you to create a Quote directly from the Point of sale

Create Rental: Allows you to create a Rental directly from the Point of sale

Create Store Order: Creates a new Store order from POS.

Credit Card Terminal Configuration, Diagnosis, Initializing: Only applies to ZVT  credit card terminals.

Cross Selling: You can assign a tag for related products to a master product. the cross-selling function should then list those items.

Customer GroupGroups that can be linked to Promotions and Price Rules, allowing you to set up discounts, and more.

Customer Lookup: Searches for Customers by name number or address

Deactivate Batch Printing: Allows you to stop the ability to print several reports at once when activated

Deactivate Deposit Refundmode: Turns off the bottle deposit with no reversal. to toggle the deposit refund mode on/off please add the Activate Deposit Mode function.

Deactivate print by production type: Turns off any preset printing settings for a certain production type.

Deactivate Mandatory Signature on ReceiptDeactivates a signature on the customer display to be required before processing the transaction. 

Deselect: Removes your current selection on receipt.

Disable Print Preview: Disables the preview pop up that shows how the select report will print.

Edit Customer Order: Can edit an order directly without going through the search process.

Edit Delivery Note: Allows you to edit a Delivery Note that has already been created.

Edit Quote: Allows you to edit a Quote that has already been created.

Edit Rental: Allows you to edit a Rental that has already been created.

Enable Print Preview: Enables a preview pop up of how your report is going to print before printing the report.

Enter: It is the same functionality as the already built in Return button on the POS keypad

Events: Lists all events for the current day, also allows the selling of tickets.

Event Sale: Lists events for that current day and can search for events on other days helps sell tickets for an event on the event day. 

Event PresaleAllows for selling of tickets for an event in advance.

Exit Application: Exits out of the korona client application immediately.

Extract Deposit Items: Adds a negative of that subproduct deposit item so that the charge will only be for the main product.

Finish Day: The end of day statement is a summary of all activity for one register for a z-count period/Business day

Get Data from Barcode Scanner: Receives barcode scanner data and inputs into keypad.

Handheld Manager: Lists all devices connected to korona and allows the acceptance or removal of that device, you also have the option to release receipts from any one of the devices.

Immediate Cancellation: Works like a Cancel Last Item on receipt permission, will allow the removal of the most recent item added to the receipt, but nothing prior to that.

Inventory ReceiptCan be used to create inventory counts at the point of sale.  

Item Discount: Functions the same as the Add Discount button function. 

Item Info Text: Helps associate any type of text to any product for use at the register. Some scenarios that info text is helpful for is special warning messages or attaching text to a receipt or an item with no price.

Item Info Selection: Lists all info texts and makes them available for selection

Item Sequence: Aids in sorting out items based on category.

Item Selection Single: Toggles the active receipt so that if you click a product on the receipt it is highlighted, if you click a different product your highlight changes to that product.

Item Selection Multi: Toggles the active receipt so that if you click a product and then another product on the receipt, both are highlighted. You can do this for all items on the receipt or just the ones you click on.

Key.: Acts as you keying in a number and pressing enter. this function permanently applies that number to a button function and that number is automatically entered before the function is carried out.

Keyboard: Activates/Deactivates virtual keyboard on the screen

List Stocks: Lists the stock of a product within multiple warehouses, the number of goods, the number of Ordered Goods and the last known stock order.

Load Receipt: This function works from within the Receipt archive Function to reopen the selected receipt.

Trigger Production: Manually triggers certain production types like a gift card activation, kitchen print or ticket activation.

Open Cash Drawer: Forces the open of a cash drawer at any time.

Open Receipt via Order Number: Allows the recall of a parked receipt by its order number.

Open Stock Management Receipt: Lists all stock orders, stock receipts, and inventory. you may load existing receipts or create new receipt/inventory.

Park Receipt: Puts a receipt on hold while handling another transaction.

Payment: Allows for usage of the default payment method without going to the total screen. You can enter the amount being paid in the item input field and then press the “payment” button to process that amount in the default method, change will be displayed as normal afterwards.

Personalize Item: Allows you to assign a customer to each individual product and to any subproduct within that main product.

Preparation Receipt:  Creates a production/conversion product at the point of sale.

Price Info: Is a price query function that allows for you to look up the prices for products by searching for the product number. Also, allows for the selection of that product.

Print: Prints a receipt in its current status.

Print Cashier Report: Prints the sales results of a single cashier during the reporting period.

Print Gift Receipt: Prints a receipt with no prices for gifting purposes. 

Print POS Report: Prints the activity of one POS for that day. Also, lists Commodity Group Revenue, Customer Group Revenue, Income, Expenses, Sales Tax, Payment Method Used, and Cashier Actions.

Print POS Week Report: Prints a POS report for the previous week period. to print one for the current week you must enter a negative number to reflect days.

Print POS Month Report:Prints a POS report for the previous month period.

Print Treat Receipt: This function prints a receipt that is required for some business meeting in some countries. For this function to work it must be added to your receipt archive layout.

Product Description (Allergens, Care Instruction, Certificate, Ingredients, Manual, Nutritional Value, Recipe): Print any information in a specific field for a product.

Product/Conversion Receipt: Prints a receipt when doing product/conversion

Receipt Discount Absolute: Discounts the entire receipt by a set $ amount.

Receipt Discount Percent: Discounts the entire receipt by a set percentage.

Remove Item Info Text: Removes any additional text added under the product name.

Remove all coupons from Receipt: Will allow you to remove all coupons applied to current receipt instead of having to cancel the receipt.

Remove Receipt Finalization Lock: If you are using a lock function (receipt lock) will remove the lock from the current receipt.

Remove Sub-Products From Product Container: Removes any underlying products associated with the container product on the receipt.

Reopen Receipt: Opens an already closed or parked receipt.

Replace item: Adds to the product number with a number entered on keypad and then searches for a new product with that number and replaces line item with the product.

Reset Button Status: Negates the Switch Button status function.

Restart POS: This restarts your point of sale terminal

Retrieve Master Data: This allows the terminal to update its existing files with any changes made on the Korona Cloud Account.

Return: You must be in the receipt archive to use this function. Allows you to process a return on a selected receipt.

Return page: Allows for you to search for a receipt number and refund individual items on that receipt without going to the receipt archive.

Return Page Current Receipt: Takes you to the return page function with the currently selected receipt instead of searching for one from that Return Page Menu

Revision: Allows for a quick change of login at the POS without deleting the current ticket, used in the event management needs to use a function that a cashier does not have permission to do.

Round Receipt Total Down: Rounds the receipt total down by whatever amount you put in. To reverse simply repeat the process. This function will only work on the payment layout. Note*The *Round Receipt Total Down* does not work correctly with net-prices.

Scroll Down/Up: Pressing one of these buttons will move the receipt up or down if it has more than a full page present.

Save Stock Management Receipt: saves receipts when doing inventory at the POS.

Search Customer Order: Searches orders only made for customers.

Search Delivery Note: Redirects to a screen allowing you to search or select a Delivery Note.

Search Quote: Redirects to a screen allowing you to search or select a Quote.

Search Rental: Redirects to a screen allowing you to search or select a Rental.

Search Store Order: lists any store orders previously created.

Select/Select All: Enables selection of single item on the receipt or highlighting of all items at once on the receipt. Most commonly used with another function such as “select all” then “toggle sector” etc.

Send Sales Data: Manually sends any sales data that might not have uploaded to the server due to an internet connection loss.

Set % of Receipt Total: This function allows you to add a tip based on a percentage of the total receipt. Multiple buttons can be set up with different percentages.

Set Customer Number: Applies a number to the receipt for the customer

Set Customer by Number: Searches and applies a pre-existing customer based on their number in the system.

Set Loyalty Card: Enter loyalty card number on keypad and press use this function to set the loyalty card, customer and assigned customer group to the receipt.

Set Order No: This function is used to assign or remove an order reference number from or to a receipt.  

Set Serial Numbers: Applies a serial number to a product from the POS this can be done manually or by using a scanner.

Set email for digital receipt dispatch: Allows you to assign an email address for this receipt to be sent too when finished. The usage would be entering the email address in the item input line, and then pressing this function. You can then finish the receipt as you normally would.

Set receipt finalization lock: Locks the receipt preventing it from being finalized. May be used in situations where someone with higher authority needs to review the transaction before finalizing it, or in conjunction with external programs enforcing limits on transactions.

Show Button Layout: This function launches any button layout already programmed, simply select the number of that layout and click on the button. You may select any button from the layout that appears.  

Show Korona Info: This page can be used to get specifics about the point of sale including the POS identity and configuration.

Show Open Pre-Authorization: Lists any receipt with a credit card Pre-authorization payment form.

Show Payment Page: Launches the Payment Layout Immediately.

Show Product Search:  Allows you to search for any product in the system and add it to the current ticket.

Show Products with Tags: lists all products associated with one or more tags.

Show Receipt Archive:  Displays a list of the most recent receipts. it will not display canceled transactions. 

Show Receipt Customer:  lists the customer associated with the ticket if one does not exist the system allows for a new entry.

Split Items: Splits the combined items from function – Combing items

Stock Receipt:  Identifies what items have been received from a previously booked stock order.

Stock Return: addresses any damaged goods received upon delivery from the supplier.

Switch Batch Printing: Switches from enable to disable on batch printing

Switch Button Status: when adding this function you must also then select a tag then all product buttons with that tag will be highlighted. This is particularly useful if you want to flag certain products at the POS. Some examples are gluten-free, vegan, etc. that way the customer can tell the cashier what he can or can’t eat and the buttons will indicate if the product is a fit or not.

Switch Deposit Mode: This function turns on/off a Bottel Deposits.

Switch POS Container Mode: Switches to and from container mode

Switch Mandatory Signature on Receipt: Enables/Disables mandatory signature on receipt printed

Synchronize Data with Barcode Scanner: Scans and applies a barcode # directly to a product by allowing for a search of all products

Table Overview:  Overview of a restaurant table placement and numbers.

Target Price Discount: Applies the price you desire to a product and reflects the discount in a percentage. 

Ticket Check: Checks the validity of a ticket and lists the owner information.

Time Tracking:  Allows employees to clock in and out of work as well as for lunch breaks.

Toggle Auto Receipt Print: allows you to turn on/ off the automatic receipt printing.

Toggle Quick Key Change: Turns on/off the Quick key layout. This can also be done from the button configuration page in the back office. 

Toggle Sector: Switches between different sectors for tax purposes. Note* this button must be pressed after all items have been added.

Total: The total button is used when the cashier is done adding items to receipt and moves on to taking payments.

Transfer Items: transfers any selected products between order numbers. the order number you wish to move products to must be selected before clicking on the function button.

Trigger Production: Press this button to execute a production type where the type is set to “Manual” only.

Void Item: voids out a single item from a receipt.

Void Receipt: Allows a cashier to void a finalized receipt in the receipt archive.

ZVT Claim/ Release Control, and Sales Cut: These functions are exclusively for operating ZVT terminals.