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Change Cashiers at the POS



Once a cashier is logged into the POS they can use the “Logout” to get back to the login screen.
If a cashier logs out the current transaction remains open and will resume as soon as the cashier logs back in.

By default, you will find the Logout function under function tab 1.  If you do not have a logout button you can create one by following this guide and add a function button with the function Change Cashier”Create POS Buttons / Button Configuration.

You may also use the button function “Cashier Pause” to allow for a quick log out at the POS. This function will disallow any other cashiers from logging in.

Cashier Quick Change

If you set up a cashier quick change button the cashier will not be logged out completely.  By using this button they will get to the login screen and the POS will provide quick access buttons for the cashiers that have not fully logged out.

By default, there is no button set up for this function but you can follow this guide to set up a button for the POS function “Cashier Quick Change”Create POS Buttons / Button Configuration

What happens to the current transaction?

Cashiers that have the “Foreign Receipt” permission will resume automatically with the most recent transaction even if it is not their own transaction. In addition, they can open a list of receipts and resume any of the open transactions in the list. The POS function to review the list of open transactions is called “Open Receipt via Order Number”.

For more information on Cashier Permissions please refer to our Cashier Roles manual page.