The korona pos

Quick Start Guide

Welcome, and thank you for choosing KORONA POS!

Let’s get you started with the initial configuration steps of the KORONA Studio and the point of sale software. Follow along with the video or the steps below.

Step 1: KORONA Studio Login

  1. Check your email for your login information. This information was sent to the email address you chose when you started your trial account.
  2. Go to and enter your data to authenticate yourself.  Typically, you only need your email address and your password.
  3. If you restrict access to your computer at all times, you can check the option “Remember me.”  This will keep you logged in and prevent you from having to authenticate yourself upon returning.
  4. Click “Login.”
  5. To change your password after login, locate your name in the top right-hand corner. Click on the drop-down menu and select “My User Account“> “Change Password.“

Step 2: Download Your Point of Sale Application

After successfully logging into your KORONA Studio account, you will get to your dashboard. The default dashboard configuration shows a POS quick access in the top left corner. This dashboard widget is called “Getting Started.”

  1. Click the orange button “Configure POS” to get to the point of sale configuration (This can also be found on the left-hand side. Click Sales > Points of Sale, and then double-click “POS 01”).
  2. On the configuration screen, click the orange button labeled “Download Terminal Software.”  
  3. Then select your operating system and confirm the download.

Windows (10,11)
Windows users will receive a setup file.  Execute the setup on the computer you want to use as your point of sale terminal and follow the setup.  After the setup is complete, the POS application will start automatically.

All non-Windows users will receive a zip archive as a download.  Extract all files from the archive and make sure you have a version of Java 8 or higher installed on your computer.  Then, navigate to the bin folder in the extracted archive and execute korona-client.jar.

*NOTE* Upon initiating the download, you might receive a pop-up warning verifying the download. Simply go to the drop-down and select “Keep” to continue the download.

Step 3: Couple Your POS

  1. When you start your POS for the first time, you will likely get to a login screen to couple your POS to a KORONA Studio account.
  2. After the login, you can select the individual POS you are setting up. If you only have one available POS, the system automatically selects it.
  3. After the first two steps, the POS will remember its configuration and restart. The first start after coupling the POS typically takes several minutes.  Future POS starts will be significantly faster.
  4. Once the POS client opens, you can start using your new POS.

*Note: It’s like that system will recognize this automatically, allowing you to skip the above steps.

Step 4: POS Login

If you do not know your login code, try “1.”  This is the default login code for new accounts.

You can change or add cashier logins under Employees > Cashiers. For more on setting up new cashiers, refer to our cashier setup manual.

Step 5: Add Additional POS Terminals or Add-On Packages

In KORONA Studio, move your mouse pointer to the welcome menu in the top right corner.

Then select “My Packages.“

The next screen will give you the option to more point of sale terminals and additional packages.  

If you have questions regarding add-on packages don’t hesitate to contact our sales team at +1 (833) 200-0213.

Finished with the initial setup?

Continue with the next steps to start customizing your KORONA POS system.

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