Trigger Production Types

The POS function Trigger Production can be used to manually trigger certain production types like a gift card activation, kitchen print, or ticket activation. Please keep in mind that some product types might not allow a manual trigger and require a payment first. You can review the production triggers under Settings > Production Types. Click New and fill in the Number, Name, Trigger, Production Method and Sub Producer. Once done, click Save and Back to view a list of all production types.

Next, you will need to apply the product type to the appropriate products. You may do so by selecting individual products or you may mass edit by selecting a filter and then clicking edit. This will allow for an alteration to all items within that filter. Locate the Production Type drop-down menu and select the desired one. Once done, click Save. At the POS, Retrieve Master Data to ensure this works properly.


By using the Trigger Production function at the POS, all allowed production types are triggered for items that have not been produced yet. Even if the function is performed multiple times for the same receipt, the POS will only run an item’s production types once.