Product Serialization

Product serialization is especially useful if you sell an item both as a single item and by the case.

Adding Product Serial Numbers (Back Office)

Using Korona, you have the ability to prompt for a serial number entry each time a specific product is selected.

To do this simply navigate to Inventory> Product, select the product you wish and click Edit. Once the Edit Product page launches locate the Additional information tab and check the Require Serial box. This will prompt for a serial number to be entered each time that product is selected at the POS.

To mass perform this action, simply select the product filters desired and click Edit this should edit all products within that filter. Once the Edit Products page launches simply select Requires serial. Now all products under that filter will be prompt for a serial number at the POS.

Adding Product Serial Numbers (POS)

To set serial numbers at the POS you will need to add the Set Serial Number button function. To learn more about creating buttons please visit out Creating POS buttons/Button configuration manual page.

At the POS the cashier would simply select the product and click the Set Serial Number. Once the page launches simply scan the item and select Add and Apply from the bottom of the screen. The number should reflect under the product name on the receipt.

To view a report of all serial numbers please refer to our Serial Number Report manual page