Store Prices

Store prices are the prices of a product that have been set for that particular store. Korona allows for different prices to be set for any store that you have. Keep in mind, this is not to be confused with price groups. For more information on price groups, please view our Price Groups manual page.

*Please Note: This feature is only available with the package. Please contact your KORONA Representative for more information.

Viewing Store Prices

The store price of a product can be accessed by first navigating Inventory > Products. Next, select the product to view the store price for and select “Store Prices” at the top of the screen. You will then be taken to the store price screen for that particular product.

On this screen you will be presented with the following information:

Number: Product Number.
Name: Product Name.
Current Goods (Total): The total amount of that product on hand at all stores.
Ordered Goods (Total): The total amount of that product on order at all stores.

You can also List All, or De-list All Stores. You can also change the view to display only warehouses for that product.
Below that, you will see a listing of all organizational units that the product is sold.

The following information is available for each organizational unit:

Warehouse: Name of the warehouse (organizational unit.)
Listed: Whether or not the product is listed at that store.
Shelf Life: This field shows how long a product is to be on display. This is ideal for perishable foods and other goods that can expire.
Current Goods: Current quantity on hand at that store.
Ordered Goods: Current quantity on order for that store.
Reorder Level: Quantity level in which a product needs to be reordered at that store.
Maximum Level: The maximum amount allowed for that product at that store.
Average Purchase Price: Average price of the product based on previous orders. For a detailed explanation, see our Warehouse Manual Page.
Price: The current price of the product set on the product screen.
Store Price: Price that product is being sold for that particular store.

Setting the Store Price

First, select the product you need to set a store price for by navigating Inventory > Products and click on Edit. Second, click on the more button and select “Store Prices.” On the field to the right will be the store prices fields for the organizational units that the product is at. You can enter individual prices for each store. Finally, once you have finished setting your prices, click the save button at the top of the screen.

When setting store prices, keep in mind that you should NOT use store prices to manage all prices. Store prices should be used to manage exceptions if you normally use the same prices at your locations. This helps so that you do not need to create a second price group for one exception.

*Note: You will need to Retrieve Master Data on your point of sale terminals.

For additional information about price groups, please visit our Creating and Assigning Price Groups manual page.