Set Prices: Price Updater

Korona has introduced a new price update tool to the Set Prices feature that allows for the prices of products to be raised en masse along with our November Update.

Step One

You would first want to navigate to products by going to Inventory > Products. From there you would want to hit the purple Filter button in the top right corner. From there you can filter for any number of things such as Supplier, Commodity Group, or Tag.

Step Two

Once you have a list of the products you want to change pricing on, you can hover over the yellow More option, then select Set Prices.

Step Three

You then want to select which Price Group you wish to alter pricing for. You then type in how much you want to multiply the current price by. So if you wanted to increase your prices 15%, you would want to multiply the prices by 1.15. If you want your new prices to follow a specific scheme, such as ending in 99 you can also define that by replacing the last two pound signs in the pattern box with 99. Once you are ready to preview the prices, hit Apply and the pattern you have set will be applied to your products. From here you can edit any product’s pricing that you need to before saving the new prices for your account.