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Creating Sub Products


The Korona Point of Sale Solution allows you to create sub-products. This is great for people who wish to have “combo” items that allow the quick ring up of multiple items with just the single press of a button.

*Note: This page is for creating sub-products and attaching them to a product, and having the items included in the item price. To have sub-products included in the price of a product, like a gift basket, please visit the page for Production/Conversion.

Creating Sub Products

To create a sub product, you will need to have at least one product already created. You will also need to have the sub-product already created as well. Please view the Create Product page for more information.

Go to the product you wish to create the sub product for by navigating to Inventory > Products. Once there, select the product you wish to create the sub product for. You will then be taken to the edit product screen.

Click on the arrow to the right of the “Sub Products” bar to expand that section. This is where you can create and manage your sub-products.

Click on the Add button and select Sub-Product from the drop-down menu.

A pop-up drop-down menu will appear. Select the product you want to have added as a sub-product.

Once the product is added, you can delete the price it comes with. Select the price you want to delete and click on delete price.

*Note: This only works if the Production/Conversion checkbox has not been filled. If it has, the product will just show no price.

You can also choose how each sub-product is presented on the receipt. You can choose to have all of the information displayed, hide only the prices, hide only the quantities, or hide everything.

Show All: Has all of the information displayed on the receipt including quantity and price. This works great for combo deals.

Hide Quantities: Hides the quantity of each sub-item. Great for adding sandwich extras and add-ons.

Hide Prices: Hides the price of each sub-item. The quantity is displayed, however. This works great for gift baskets.

Hide All: Hides all information, including the sub-item names. This also works for gift baskets as well as other items where you would want to hide the sub item.

Show All Mode

Hide Prices Mode

Hide Quantities Mode

Hide All Mode

Once you’re done adding your sub-product(s) click on the save button at the top of the screen. As always, make sure the product is on the POS. Make sure you syncronize the POS with the Korona Back Office. This ensures that the latest prices and information are on the terminal.

Example of a Product with Sub-Products

Here is a great example of how sub-products can be used in Korona. This is the diner’s premier gift, the First Class Aviator Foodie Gift Basket. It sells at $24.99.

We have already created our gift basket in the Korona back office. Now we are going to add some items to it as sub-products.

We start by expanding the Sub-Products box and clicking on the add button. On the menu, we select Add New Sub Product.

From the drop-down, we get a listing of products to choose from. For this example, we will be choosing the Coca Cola  product. Once we have selected that product, we click on the add button to add it to our gift basket.

We’re adding 2 of these so when we hit the add button, we can adjust the quantity before hitting save. For this example, we’ve entered two in the quantity field and clicked save to add it to the list.

We’re going to add four more products to this basket, but only one each. Aged Cheddar Cheese, Merlot, Dill Mustard, and Crackers.

Notice how the Total Item price field reads $40.63. That is because the product price is now factoring not only the price of the basket $24.99 but each individual sub-product as well. But we don’t want to do this. We want the basket to only be $24.99.

To do this we will need to select each product in the sub-product list and set it to zero ($0.00). Select the arrow to the left of each product, when it expands we will see a second price listing. Double click that to activate the editing field for that price.

We type in 0 and save. Notice how the price of the basket is now closer to the price we have specified.

We will need to do this to each product on this list. Once we have set all the products to 0. The Total Item Price will now match the Gift Basket’s original price of $24.99.

Since this is a gift basket, we’re setting the sub-item presentation to hide the prices. When this basket is then rung up on the terminal, the receipt will display the base item, as well as its contents.

We also have the ability to not display the sub-items if we choose to do so. This is done by selecting Hide All within the Sub-Item Presentation settings drop down.

Gift baskets can also be set up to be further customized by adding tags for selection instead of sub-products. Please visit our Creating Sub-Products with Tags for Selection manual page for more information.