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Customer Display (New Configuration)

Customer Display Setup has changed and it is now its own individual section under the Settings Tab. Note* This section only aids in the customization, However, the customer display will still need to be configured under the POS profile section, to learn more Please click here.  Customer Display has changed in the Korona back office. ...

Setting Up Commission

To setup employee commission there are a few steps to be taken. below is a step by step guide for commission setup and use at the POS. STEP 1 Create the Revenue allocation account To create a Revenue Allocation Account navigate to Settings > Revenue Allocation Accounts, and click on New. If you can not find it there, you will ...

Product Code Quantity

Setting up product code quantities using is very handy in situations where a product is sold as a pack and as an individual. Product Code Quantities (Different Barcodes) First, select the product you would like to sell different quantities for and click Edit. On the following screen scroll down and locate the product code tab. ...

Manual Credit Card Payments on PAX

Taking Credit Card Payments on PAX Machine Manually There are a few key elements needed when manually taking payments on a PAX machine. The needed information is card number, expiration date, and CVV  or CSC (3digits on the back, although sometimes it is a 4 digit number on the front). The card number is mandatory. However, you may ...

Central Balance (POS) functions

Allows for a POS Balance from the back office and is typically used when running a 24hr business with no allowed time for the POS to be turned off or in the event you want the cash counting to be done in a secure area. These statements may be found under Sales >Balance Statements. To ...

Is my Genius Device Connected to the Network?

1) From the Genius splash screen, press the '0' key 3 times on the keypad. 2) Using the keypad, type the password, then press Enter (green button). Note* The default password is 9416557, if this is not correct please contact your provider. 3) Look for the "TEST" button on the device's screen and touch it. If it says "Passed" you are ...

Is my PAX S300 Connected to the Network?

Ping Test (testing network) 1) Press the Menu option (If this fails, hold the blue “FUNC” button and press the 1 key) on the PAX unit’s screen. (The Default Password is today’s date in MMDDYYYY format. If this is not the correct password ask your provider.) 2) Press the on-screen Down Arrow from the main menu to ...

Credit Card Consolidation (Report)

The credit card consolidation report gives an overview of credit cards and accounts used within a certain time frame and lists actual and expected profit margins.  This report is found under the Evaluations tab, if you cannot locate it there you will need to Edit Menu Entries. You may Filter the report by Org. Unit. Point of ...

Delivery Note Summary (Report)

Delivery notes confirm delivery for an order without payment collected. The delivery note can then be invoiced and Multiple deliveries can be added to single invoices as well. The Delivery Note Summary report can be found under the Evaluations tab. If you can not locate it there you will need to edit menu entries. Once there ...

Online Functions

The Korona Online functions help pull in specific data at the POS such as Customer information with last purchases, employee workday ratings, cashier information, messaging between individuals within the organizational unit and looking up Stocks for products. The Korona Online Functions list can be located under the Settings tab in your button configurations section. To learn ...
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