Adding A Supplier To Products

Navigate to Inventory > Products. From there, select the product you would like to add a supplier to.

Under Suppliers, located towards the bottom of the product screen, click the Add button. You will need to fill in a few pieces of information. First, select the supplier you wish to add and enter an order code, description (optional), container amount, item price, and container Price, and click Save.

*Note: You will still have to save the product itself in order for the changes to take place.

  • Order Code: This is the unique code used between the supplier and vendor to identify the specific product linked to it. Example: Fritolay is the general supplier, but to identify which product to order they each have a unique order code to specify which one you want – e.g. Doritoes-FR33, Cheetos-FR66
  • Description: This field is optional but can be used for any text you want to put in there. Example: What it looks like – size, color, etc.
  • Container Amount: This is the smallest amount of a certain product that you can purchase from your supplier. Example: Cigarettes – one carton or 10 packs
  • Item Price: This is the amount you would pay the supplier per individual product. Note: This will auto populate how much you would pay in the container price field
  • Container Price: This field is where you would enter how much you pay for the container amount. Example: You pay the supplier $20.99 for 1 carton of cigarettes each