Customer Group Report

The Customer Group Report shows how many receipts for which customer group have been posted and how much revenue they have generated.

The Customer Group Report can be found in the Evaluations tab. If it does not appear there, click here to learn how to customize the section.

The overview is filterable for Organizational Unit and Date. Once you have made your selections click Update to refresh the results.

You’ll be presented with results for Total Receipts, Items Counts on Receipts, Gross and Net Revenue, as well as Ratio % (how active this group is vs others)

Once the report loads, listed are the customer groups along with any sales relevant Commodity Groups below. Clicking on one of the Gray Highlight Customer Groups will give you these additional options, Edit Customer Group, Discount Report, Hierarchical Commodity Group Report.

You may also select one of the Commodity Groups for these additional menu options, Edit Commodity Group, Hierarchical Commodity Group Report, and Volume Report.

Finally, this report may be exported into a PDF or Excel simply by selecting one from the top of the page.