Cashier Commission Report

The Cashier Commission Report is a great way to view the overall commissions of your employees for any given time period.

*Note: For this report to reflect properly, the cashier must have Commission settlement enabled and a revenue allocation account assigned to them. In addition to that, they also need to have their revenue share percentage set up in the appropriate tax sectors. You can review our full setup document on the Setting up Commissions manual page.

Viewing the Cashier Commission Report

This report may be found under Evaluations > Cashier Commission Report. If you cannot locate it there you will need to edit menu entries. Once the page launches, you can filter by DateNext, click on Update to generate the report.

The top section will show you a breakdown of the sectors that the cashiers are getting the commission from, as well as the percentage they are getting for each sector. You may select a Sector for an additional Edit Sector option, Or you may select a highlighted Revenue Account for an additional option to Edit Revenu Allocation Account.

The bottom section will display the overall commission each cashier is getting. You may select one of the Cashier Names for these additional menu options:

The final line in bold is the Total for all cashiers.

Finally, you have the ability to save your file as either an Adobe PDF or Excel Spreadsheet simply by clicking on the respective button to save the file.

*Note: You will need the appropriate software installed on your computer to view the files.