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Account Transactions


The Account Transactions Report be able to keep track of any account transactions against the Accounts you have created. This can be useful for non-revenue totals such as Lotto or Cash deposits.

Viewing Account Transactions in Korona

You can access the Account Transactions report by navigating to Evaluations > Account Transactions.  If it does not appear thereclick here to learn how to customize the section.

You may filter this report by choosing to display a specific Point of Sale, Cashier, and Account. You also have the ability to display specific Date range in the report by using the date drop-down menu.

Click on the Update button to generate the report. The report will generate showing you the time each transaction occurred. These dates and times may be selected for an additional option to show Receipts.

The Account that was involved in the transaction is also listed, you may select one of the account names for these additional menu options, Edit Account, Account Transactions (will filter this report by that account), and Receipts.

It will also display the POS the transaction took place on, these POS names may be selected for these additional menu options. Edit Point of Sale, Account Transactions (will filter this report by that account), End of Day Statements, Hierarchical Commodity Group Report, Payment Method Report, Receipt Journal, Receipts.

Finally, it will list the Cashier who processed the transaction as well as the amount that was processed. The Cashier Name may be also selected for an additional menu. Your options are Edit Cashier, Time Tracking Entries, Account Transactions, Balance Statements, Cashier Report, Discount Reasons, Discount Report, Payment Method Report, Receipts. 

Finally, you have the ability to save your file as either a PDF or Excel Spreadsheet simply by clicking on the respective buttons.

*Note: If you change any of the drop-downs, you will need to hit the update button at the top of the screen.