Cashier Report

The Cashier Report focuses on the sales results of a single cashier during the reporting period.

This report specifies net and gross revenues generated, how many customers were served, and how many receipts have been voided. In addition, it shows the top five most commonly sold products as well as their top five most commonly sold commodity groups. Additionally, the most popular accounts they post to, the most popular payment methods accepted and the POS terminals that are being used the most are also shown.

The Cashier Report is found in the Evaluations tab. If it does not appear there, click here to learn how to edit your menu entries.

This report may be filtered by Cashier and Date. Once you have made your selections click Update.

Result Fields are similar to those results given in an Organization Report, however they are specific to this Cashier and also include an Hours Worked and Receipts Per Hour section.

You may select any of the orange highlighted items for additional drop-down menus.

Selecting a Products will give these additional menu options, Edit Product, Discount Reasons, Product Report, Products per Weekday, Receipts, Stock History, Stock Return Rates.

You may click on one of the Commodity Groups for these additional options, Edit Commodity Group, Hierarchical Commodity Group Report, and Volume Report.

Clicking on the Payment Methods will give these options, Edit Payment Method, Cashier Balance Report, and Receipts.

The highlighted Accounts will give these menu options, Edit Account, Account Transactions, Receipts.

Last, selecting a Point of Sale will give these additional options, Edit Point of Sale, Account Transactions, End of Day Statements, Hierarchical Commodity Group Report, Payment Method Report, Receipt Journal, Receipts.

Finally, you may export your report into a PDF or Excel simply by selecting one from the top of the page.