Edit Menu Entries

Due to the large number of available reports and statistics, it is a good idea to limit your navigation items to only those reports and statistics that you use frequently. In every navigation category, you have the option to customize the navigation items for reports and statistics. This will make running KORONA POS evaluations quick and simple.

KORONA Studio gives you the ability to customize your navigation items. This allows you to only display navigation elements that the user needs frequently.

Please be aware that the available navigation items also depend on the add-on packages that you have purchased with your accounts.  Navigation items that are displayed in grey are available for your account, but the user may not have permission to access these. Please review the user’s user role under Employees > User Roles to make permission changes.

Under each main navigation category, you will find an option for “Edit Menu Entries”. By clicking this option you will get to the following screen.