Multiple Payment Type Tracking

You can track individual types of credit card types. This is helpful if you’d like to see all your card types in order to get a better sense of what your processing rates are for each.

Note: This is supported through Genius and Pax devices only.

Genius Setup/Pax Setup

First, you will need to make sure your credit terminal is set up in your POS profile. You can use our Genius Setup Guide or our Pax Terminal Setup.

Next you will need to create a payment method for each type you want to track. Put the type as Credit Terminal and processing type as Default. Give it the corresponding name and under service parameter you will put in the matching name in all capitol letters.

cat.VISA – Visa

cat.MASTERCARD – Mastercard or Diner’s Club

cat.AMEX – American Express

cat.DISCOVER – Discover

Once you have done that click save and update your point of sale. What this does is whenever you process a transaction using the Credit as an option, when the card is inserted the system will take whatever the card type is used and auto assign it to the payment method that has that matching parameter. This will also show on the receipt as well.