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Econduit Configuration


For usage in configuring Credit/Debit terminals through the Econduit payment Gateway service.

Setting up Econduit Payment Terminals

Start by navigating to Settings > POS Profile. From there scroll down until you see the + Add Device option. The device type is going to be Credit Terminal, and the device is going to be Econduit Credit Terminal.

From there you want to make sure that the Driver is set to Econduit Credit Terminal and that the Port is set to Network.

Underneath that you’ll see the area where you can configure either a Default Value (all Points of Sale) or a Variable (unique to each Point of Sale). You can read more about setting up Default Values and Variables in the Adding Devices manual page.

Beneath that you will want to expand the Settings area. This is where you should specify the information according to what you have filled out with your merchant.

Once this is complete, you have configured this fully in the back end.

Note: Whenever you change any setting under the POS profile you must retrieve the master data and restart your point of sale for the changes to take place.