Dejavoo Payment Terminal Setup

This will help you set up your Dejavoo Credit Terminal. Before getting started you must make sure that the Dejavoo device is boarded on the SPIN network platform, and you have been provided with your specific Dejavoo SPIN registerID and SPIN authKey.

First, create a new device in the checkout profile. To do this, go to Settings-> POS Profiles and edit the POS profile in which you want to add the credit terminal. Scroll down, click Add Device, select Credit Terminal next to Type and Dejavoo Credit Terminal next to Device, hit OK.

The next step is to add a Port which for Dejavoo will always be set to Network. You will not have to set up an Initialization Command or a Port Parameter for this device, but you will have to expand Settings and ensure the proper values are added there.

Configuring Device Settings for Dejavoo Terminals

You will need to hit the “Settings” option on the bottom of this device window and ensure that all of the required parameters are set up correctly.

Most of this should be pre-filled but you may have to add this manually in rare situations. You can add lines to the settings area by pressing the + Add button next to settings.

You need to have the following Key(s) set up for a Dejavoo Connection:
*Note this is case sensitive





The address will always have a default value of

The keyPassphrase and registerId will refer to device specific configuration variables per Point of Sale

signatureCapture can be turned to true or false depending on how you wish for the unit to behave.

You’ll need corresponding Device Configuration Variables for the djvauth and djvregid.

Dejavoo should provide you with a unique Register ID, and an Authorization Code for each terminal. You will add those values to these Device Configuration Variables under the respective Points of Sale.

For more info on Device Configuration Variables, please refer to our Adding Devices manual page.

Creating the Payment Method

In the last step, you must customize the payment methods. Navigate to Settings > Payment Methods. Edit or add a credit payment method. Make sure the Payment Service is set to Credit Terminal and the Processing Type is set to Default.

Note* It is necessary to restart the POS software for the change to take effect after you update the master data at checkout when making changes to the device profile.