PartnerTech A5 Setup Guide

Setting up your PartnerTech POS Terminal

1) Removing Back Cover

Using a Phillips head screwdriver, lift the protective covers and remove both screws holding the back plate in. Once both screws are removed, the back plate should slide away from your terminal.

2) Plug in the Ethernet (LAN) Cable

Please plug the network cable into the “LAN” slot. You can use either of the marked LAN ports “LAN 1” or “LAN 2.”

3) Connect Your Printer to the Terminal Via USB

The USB slots are located to the right of the LAN Slots. Please ensure that the printer is also connected to the power outlet.

4) Connect the Cash Drawer to the Printer

Locate the phone type jack on the printer and plug the cash drawer into that port.

NOTE*: The location of port may vary by make and model. Please consult your manual or call us if you experience any issues.

5) Connect the POS to the Power Outlet

Plug in the power to the POS. Then, put the covers back on the POS (optional) and plug it into a power outlet. Press the power button. Once the KORONA POS Login Screen appears, you can log on using the code “1” (one).