Printer Troubleshooting

If this is a new printer setup on Windows, ensure you've followed the steps correctly on this page

Why is my printer not working?

Please check the following if the printer is not printing properly.

Receipt printers are Thermal and work with Thermal paper, they do not require ink to print

-Check the cabling

The cash drawer plugs into the printer via the RJ11/RJ12 Jack (Telephone Style, Note: a telephone cable will not work). The printer then plugs into the POS via USB. Ensure the power cord is properly inserted on both ends.

-Print out a test sheet

Power down the printer. Hold the Feed button down while turning the printer back on. The information on the paper isn’t important, but this will ensure the physical printer is functioning properly.

If the printer does not power on or feed paper and you purchased the printer from us, please contact us for further help.

Test print from Windows:

  1. Printers & Scanners/Devices
  2. Click on the printer you are setting up and click Manage
  3. Click Print a test page

-Windows and KORONA Settings

Check in the Printers & Scanners settings that another copy of the printer did not get installed. If your printer shows up as “Epson TM-T20III” check that there is not a “Epson TM-T20III (2)”.

Refer to this manual page for more information on Windows printer setup: Windows Printer Drivers and Setup

For the KORONA settings, check that:

  1. The Printer Port in Settings > POS Profile is set to ESC/POS or System Printer. Check that the Variable in the Port Parameter section is also set correctly to match the one in the below section.
  2. The Printer variable is set correctly in Sales > Point of Sale. The Value for the Printer variable must match the name in Windows exactly.
  3. Check the POS Profile selected in Sales > Point of Sale is the one that you set the printer up for.