Boca Ticket Printer Guide

Boca Maintenance Recommendations

  • If your business is seasonal and tickets are only sold during part of the year, please ensure that your ticket printers are stored without tickets inside. This is especially important if you sell wristbands or other ticket stock with adhesive as the adhesive may leak out.
  • It is recommended to clean your Bocas anytime you see a visible accumulation of dust or other particulates inside your Boca. It is recommended to check anytime you change your ticket stock.
    • If you have wristbands or other adhesive ticket stock this is also a good time to check the rollers to ensure they are not sticky.
  • Additionally, it is recommended to clean the platen of the Boca at least once a year regardless of ticket stock.
  • Bocas Maximum Operating Temperature is 113 degrees Fahrenheit and under 90% humidity (without condensation), however this recommendation is for blank ticket stock, if you use wrist bands or printed ticket stock, these numbers may be lower.
  • When powering up your Boca it is important to wait at least 5 seconds before loading any ticket stock as during this time the boca’s cutter will rapidly move up and down which can cause jams if tickets are loaded prematurely.

Boca General Troubleshooting

  • In the event that your Boca is printing the ticket in the wrong place or is printing a blank ticket before or after the printed ticket, it often means the sensors on the ticket printer need to be cleaned, we recommend following Boca’s cleaning guidelines linked below.
  • If tickets are printed with blank spaces, it usually means that the thermal printhead needs to be cleaned. 
  • If the tickets are not being cut properly, please ensure that there is nothing blocking the cutter and it is able to move freely.
  • If the tickets are being printed or cut in erratic places, it is often important to check to ensure the ticket stock is not defective such as having black marks unevenly spaced or black marks that are too light in color.
  • You will want to ensure that your Boca remains on the same connection configuration as what you were instructed to use by Korona Support. This will prevent any errors caused by the POS trying to communicate to the wrong place.