KORONA Event Admissions


Admissions allows you to sell general admission tickets online. These can be scanned at the POS or on a handheld scanner.


Navigate to Services>Admissions and select ‘New‘.

If this is a timed admission you would add a time pattern here, for more on setting up time patterns please see the event template page.

Next, we want to add the products/tickets that are available for purchase at this event. Add the price category that will show on the webshop/POS. If you want to change the options you may do so under Settings>Price Categories.

If there’s a required resource for this event template you would add it and then move on to Sales Channels.

Sales channels are where you set where this event template is available. If it should only be on the webshop and back office, you would select webshop and telephone.

You’re also able to ask for additional information or additional booking information, you can request the customer to enter it here. It can be required or not.

If you’ve set up a waiver (under Admin>Waiver) for the customer to sign you can add it here.

Finally, if you want an image to show on the webshop for admissions this is also the place to add it.