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Korona Events – Event Template


Event Template

An Event Template in Korona EVENTS is for a recurring possible event. An example of this would be a tour that has a limited capacity.

Time Pattern

The first step to setting up an Event Template would be to set up a time pattern for the Event. The time pattern dictates when it’s possible for someone to book our Tour. Navigate to Services>Time Patterns and select ‘Create New’. Give it a name(ours has Tour Times as the name) and then select when the first available booking and last available booking date would be below.

Next you choose what months, days, and times it will be available. You may need to use multiple rules to select all your times as we’ll show you below. The availability of our Tours is Monday – Friday every hour between Noon and 4 pm and Saturday and Sunday at 10am. This will take two rules to account for the times on Saturday and Sunday it only runs at 10am. Please see to the right how we select these.

You’ll notice the dates available and times start to change on the right side and when you’re finished adding or editing your Time Pattern hit ‘Create’ on the bottom right.

Korona Event Template

Now Navigate to Services>Event Templates and hit ‘New’. Give your event template a title(this will show on the webshop and POS).

Select a duration for the possible event. Below that there are three options.

If the ticket should only be valid for the length for the event template check this box.

If the venue and address are the same as what you have set up in your account check this box.

If someone booking at a time should block off that booking for the duration of the event regardless of capacity check this box.

Below that you will select the Time Pattern we just created above. Similar to above if the event is tied only to capacity and not to exclusivity you would check the box next to the time pattern.

Next we want to add the products/tickets that are available for purchase at this event. Add the price category that will show on the webshop/POS(if you want to change the options you may do so under Settings>Price Categories.

If there’s a required resource for this event template you would add it and then move on to Sales Channels.

Sales channels is where you set where this event template is available. If it should only be on the webshop and back office, you would select webshop and telephone.

You’re also able to ask for additional information or additional booking information, you can request the customer to enter it here. It can be required or not.

If you’ve setup a waiver(under Admin>Waiver) for the customer to sign you can add it here.

Finally if you want an image to show on the webshop for the event template you would add it here.