Container Mode

Container Mode allows the POS to default to a product container instead of an individual product when selected.
This is a great feature for selling products that have the same bar code

Getting Started

First, you will need to create a product that will serve as the Container. Specify in the name whether this is a 4-pack, 6-pack, or whatever size container.

Note* For more information on creating products, please refer to our Creating Products manual page.

Now, go into any product that you want to sell in that size/container variety. Inside that product, under Container, click Add, select the different container products you created, and click Save. When switched to Container Mode, the product being added will have a product price of $0, and underneath it will be the container product with the price that you set in the container field.

Also, in that product, under Container, set the price for how much all the items should cost together. If you wanted to charge $9.99, you would put 9.99 in the container price (on the product, not on the product that is the container).

*Note: In order to track the inventory when selling your items in containers, you must fill out the Container Capacity field under the product. The Container Capacity refers to how many of the individual products come in a container.

Container Mode

There are two ways to activate this mode:

  1. Container Mode POS Default: Go to Sales > Point of Sale and select the POS you want to use. The option Container Mode checkbox will be located under the Defaults box. By selecting this box, the POS will always default to the product container instead of the individual product.
  2. Container Mode Button: Go to Settings > Button Configurations. From there you click the button layout and choose which layout you want to edit. Then, create a function and type ‘container’ in the text field. Select ‘switch POS container mode‘ and it will create a button. Then click Save. Pressing this button in KORONA POS will switch to container mode and all products will be defaulted to their containers. To turn it off, you can press the button again and it will switch back.

*Note: There are a few other options below you can use for your container functions aside from using the Switch POS Container Mode function.

1) Convert Container to a Single Item: Using this function will convert your product container back to a single product.

2) Convert Single item to Container by Capacity: This is a great button if you have multiple containers under your product. Entering the amount of the container and then clicking that button will convert the product to the container amount.

3) Convert Single item to Container by Product Number: This button works in a similar way to this tool: Convert Single item to Container by Capacity. However, the difference is you would enter the product number of the container in the POS and click this button to change the product to the container amount with the entered product number.

4) Remove Sub-Products from Product Container: This button works if you have sub-products linked to your original product such as a Promotion or Special. (Buy a Coca-Cola and get a corndog for $.99).

If you were to convert that product into a container the POS would apply the “Promotion” to each product in the container. Simply click this button and you will be redirected to another screen to select the sub-products you wish to remove, click Cancel, and then Back. Your container will no longer have that sub-product added.