An Event in KORONA Event is something that is forecast ahead of time and likely to happen. A good example of this would be an Anniversary party. Below we will walk through setting an Event up:

Creating an Event

Navigate to Services>Events and select ‘New‘. If you want to create it based off an existing Event Template you can do so.. But for this example, let’s create a brand new event. Select the date and time for the event to run and check the box ‘Ticket is valid for the duration of the event.’ If the venue and address are the same, that box can be checked as well. If only one group or one person is allowed to attend the event, you would check the box marked ‘this is an exclusive event.’


On the KORONA Event side, navigate to Admin > Integrations.

Plug in your API login/pswd information along with your API Key and hit ‘Synchronize‘.

From this page, the software will grab the information for the external system calls. We put these calls on the POS to sell Events from the POS.

Prices, Sales Channels, and Additional Information

Prices are where you’ll add the possible products/tickets for the event. They first need to exist in KORONA Cloud. If you’ve created them since your last integration sync, you’ll need to sync again under Admin > Integrations. The price categories are what will show up for sale – the product name from KORONA Cloud will not. You can add multiple products/tickets for sale but, in this instance, we’re only adding one and not setting a minimum or maximum. Keep in mind that the ticket definition attached to the product you’re using will need to be the same as the Entry Gate for the Event. The time validity will be assigned by KORONA Event.

Below that you will find sales channels. This is where an event ticket can be purchased. If it should only be from a POS, you would only select those points of sale at which it’s available. Telephone POS is the ability to book it from the backend of KORONA Event and WebShop allows it to show up on the WebShop. In this example, the anniversary party is available on all sales channels.

You are also able to collect additional information from each customer.

Waiver and Image

If you want your customers to fill out and sign a waiver, you can add it here. It first must be created under Admin > Waiver.

You can also add an image for the event that will show on the WebShop.