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Entry Report


The Entry Report can be used to view what types of tickets have been redeemed or activated. It is useful for seeing traffic based on used tickets

Setting up Entry Report Parameters

The Entry Report allows you to search by Gate, Tag, and Ticket Type, to display a grid of ticket redemption. You can chose to have this list displayed by Day, by Gate, or by Hour.

Tickets get assigned to Categories when the Ticket Category and Ticket Definition share a Tag

The first step is to configure the Ticket Categories from Ticketing > Ticket Categories. This will determine how the tickets are labelled on the Entry Report. For instance if you make a Ticket Category called “Adult Tickets” and assign that to a Ticket Definition, tickets sold under that definition will list on the entry report as “Adult Tickets”. When you create a New Ticket Category you want to make sure that the Tag you add to this category will be the same Tag you use on your ticket definition.

The second step is to go into the existing Ticket Definitions from Ticketing > Ticket Definitions. Now we can assign them the Tag that matches the Ticket Category you want those tickets attached to.

Once you’ve set up your Ticket Categories and your Ticket Definitions through shared Tags¬†you’ll be able to run entry reports and see your data labelled according to those specifications!


*Note* If you do not set up ticket categories correctly the Entry Report will list according to product number instead.