Tax Reports

The Tax Report shows the generated sales tax per economic zone. Each tax rate is allocated to an economic zone (i.e., different cities, states, or customer-specific economic zones). This report will show you gross and net revenues, total tax collected, and other useful information. It is important that the transactions considered belong to the same organizational unit. For help setting up Taxes for your business, please refer to our Tax Set Up manual page.

This report is located under the Evaluations tab. If you can not locate it there, you must Edit Menu Entries. This report may be filtered by Organizational Unit, and Date.

Once you have selected the organization unit you wish to view, click on Update. A report will be generated for that store.

Tax Report Figures Guide

  • Gross Revenue: Revenue including taxes
  • Net Revenue: Revenue without taxes
  • Tax: Total amount of tax owed/paid
  • Discount: Total amount of discounts applied
  • Total Receipts: Amount of receipts performed in the report timeframe
  • Valid Receipts: All receipts that were finalized
  • Voided Receipts: Counts any voided receipts
  • Max Receipt Amount: The highest amount paid on a receipt from this report
  • Average Receipt Amount: The average amount paid across receipts from this report
  • Average Item Amount: The average price calculates off all items sold from this report
  • First Receipt: Time of first receipt used to gather data for report
  • Last Receipt: Time of last receipt used to gather data for report

If you want to export a copy of this report in either PDF or Excel format, click the respective buttons.