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Discount Report


The Discount Report gives you an overview of how your discounts affect your sales.

This report can be found under the Evaluations tab, if you cannot locate it there you will need to edit your menu entries. The report is filterable by Organizational Unit, Cashier, Customer, Customer Group, Price Group, and Date. Once you have chosen all of the desired filters, click on Update to refresh your results.

On the report listed will be the products names and numbers along with the Price avg., Revenue, and Yield for Rated Values and Actual Values. Moreover, Quantity, Percentage and Amount are listed for Discounts. Listed beneath are Total Revenue, Total Discounts, and Total Discount %. Below is a break down of the Discounts, along with the Gross and Net revenue listed for Both Rated Values and Actual Value.

Also, The receipt count, Percentage, Gross Discount Amount, And Net Discount Amount is listed for Receipt Discount Amounts.

Clicking on the Discount Report (new) will give you 2 more filter options. These options are Price Rule and Promotions.

Finally, you may export either report via PDF or Excel simply by selecting one from the top of the screen.