Coupon with Discount

Creating Coupon with Discount Promotion

Go to the promotions page by navigating to Promotions module on the left side, then select “Couponing Promotions”. Here you can create new promotions or manage existing ones. To get started, click on +New.

Then select the type “Coupon with Discount”.

Trigger Box

The Trigger box is where you will select what causes the customer to earn bonus points. In this example we are using products that are tagged ‘customercoupon’.

Coupon Box

In the first selection, you can select when the coupon starts being redeemable and for how long it stays valid. You do not have to fill anything out if you want function forever. You can also restrict which Org Units the coupon is valid at.

In the second box you can select if the coupon that prints out has a barcode or a QR code. In order for a QR code to work, you will need to have a 2D scanner. You also have the options to insert text.

Additional Setup

You will also need to setup a production type and tie that production type to the printer on the POS profile and the products with the tag.

First, under Settings > Production types create a new one with the trigger of “after payment” and the Production Method of “print voucher”. In this case we have given it the name “coupon”.

Second, go to your POS Profile, find your printer and assign that production type by hitting +Add and leave print template and combined print template blank.

Third, assign this production method to the product itself under Production type on the left side.

Benefit Box

Here is where we select what benefit the customer receives when they present their coupon to be scanned at the POS. In this example, we are saying they get a 10% discount on all the items on that receipt tagged ‘customercoupon’.

At the POS

When the customer triggers the promotion, their receipt will have an additional barcode at the bottom of it. This receipt is the coupon.

When they want to redeem the coupon, they present the receipt and the cashier scans the barcode at the bottom of the receipt (not the first barcode, as that is the receipt number if you have “print receipt barcode” ticked on your receipt layout). On our example receipt we have “here is your coupon” printed to indicate which barcode is the coupon.

Discount Management

It is also possible to select which promotion should apply first using Discount Management. You can define the different levels via Promotions > Discount Management. The different levels can then be set for each promotion under the Benefit area by selecting the drop down arrow. Additionally there is a Star w/ an exclamation point to declare that this discount is exclusive and no other discounts may work with it.

Discount Management levels can also be selected for Price Rules.