Revenue Allocation Account Setup & Report

Revenue allocation Accounts are amounts or portions of revenue that are assigned to a particular recipient—for example employee commissions, tips, and gratuity.

Revenue Allocation Account Setup

Creating the Account

To create a Revenue Allocation Account, navigate to Settings > Revenue Allocation Accounts, and click on New. If you can not find it there, you must Edit Menu Entries.

Give the account a Number, Name, and Default Value. Once finished, click Save.

Assigning the Account

Next, apply the account to the proper employee. To do so, navigate to Employees > Cashiers. Select the desired employee and click Edit.

On the bottom right corner of the page, click Commission Settlement. Listed are the Revenue Allocation Accounts. Select the appropriate account and click Save.

Revenue Allocation Account Report

The Revenue Allocation Account Report gives you an overview of each account. It has both Net and Gross Revenue for each account.

You can Filter this report according to Organizational Units. Revenue Allocation Accounts can also be adjusted for a specific Date.

Finally, you can extract this report into a PDF or Excel by selecting from the top of the screen.