To edit a franchise, simply navigate to Franchising > Franchisees, Select the franchise desired and click Edit from the top of the screen. Once the Edit Franchisee page launches all fields should already be prerecorded but you may manually adjust any field. Next is the Created On date and time of when the request was accepted. The Purchase Price Group is the price this organization will be buying stocks from the franchisor for. This will need to be set up prior to. To learn more about prices please refer to our Creating and Assigning Price Group manual page.

The Selling Price Group is the set price group this franchise will be selling their goods for. You may choose a specific Assortment. The assortment would need to be set prior to. To learn more about setting up assortments please visit our Create Assortment manual page.

Next, to the Dialect/Language, you may select a specific language to be used for this organization, considering they have already been prerecorded. To learn more about setting up language please refer to our Dialect/Language manual page. Next, to the Product Management tab, your options are “Self Governed” / managed by employees from within the organization or “Managed” /controlled by the franchisor.

Under the Additional Informations tab, you may locate all of the company information that includes, E-mail, First Name, Last Name, Company, Department, Address, ZIP, City, State, Country, and Tax ID.

On the bottom portion of the page listed are the Revenue Shares. You may adjust any amount of commission for the corresponding sector that is reflected in a percentage. Once you have made the proper adjustments click Save

As a franchisor, you can now communicate a change to your franchisee using the RRP on the item. The franchisees receive the changed EIA through the synchronization and not only when they create the first goods receipt after the change.

To view a report of all revenue shares please refer to our Franchise royalties manual page.

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