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Create Back Office Users


Adding Back Office Users

To manage your back office users navigate to Employees > Users.  This lists all users that have access to your back office.  You can add, edit or delete users.

By default only a Single User will be created, associated with the email address and person who signed up for the account originally.

Creating Users

If you would like to add a new user click on the +New button.  This will take you to a new screen for creating a new user.

You will have to assign a valid email address.  The user will receive a system generated password.

In additional you should assign first and last name as well as an appropriate user role which defines what permissions the user will have.

The section for organizational units allows you to control the users’ access for each organizational unit.  That way you can limit reporting or price changes the user can perform to certain organizational units.

Once you are done with the users’ settings click Save and an email with the users’ login credentials will be sent to their email address.  If the user did not receive their email please have them check the spam folder.

Deleting Users

To delete back office users select the desired user from the list and press the Delete button.  Please keep in mind that the user will no longer be able to log into his account from that point.

*Note: The user which initially created the account cannot be deleted.  However, you are still able to change the email address. After changing the email address you can then remove this user or re-make them appropriately.


Editing Users & Changing Passwords

To edit a user select the user from the list and click the Edit button.  This will allow you to adjust the users’ settings.  Another way to get to the user edit screen is by double-clicking the user in the user list.

In order to change a users password or email address, the user has to be logged in and navigate to the welcome menu in the top right corner.  By hovering the mouse over the menu they are able to click on My User Account which will take them to their account settings.

You can change your password by entering your current password and the new password twice into the password fields.

To change your email address use the Request Email Change button which will open a popup window.  Here you have to enter your new email address twice.  The change will go through after a few hours.  You will get an email notification at your new email address.