Organizational Unit Setup

Korona offers you the ability to have multiple organizational units. The setups you can have are limitless. You can have individual units for smaller setups. You can also have larger setups for regions, or even sections of a main store if desired. 

Creating Organizational Unit

To create a new organizational unit. Navigate to Settings > Organizational Units.  An overview should load of any current stores that you have in your account. Click on +New located at the top of the screen.

The Create Organizational Unit screen should launch. On this page, give the Organizational Unit a Name, and select the Economic Zone. You may also set up the business address and hours for that Store.

You also have the ability to determine whether or not your new store will serve as a Warehouse simply by ticking the corresponding checkbox. When done, click the Save button at the top of the screen.

A dialogue pop up will appear asking you which users you would like to assign to your store. Select the users, and click Add to save. Your new store can now be located in the Organizational Unit Overview screen.

From the More drop-down menu, you have a Stationary option which allows you to upload a PDF that will apply as a background to all business related invoices. To simplify the process a template is available for your use on the right-hand side. Simply download it, fill in the company information and save it as a PDF. For the second page of the stationery, you may adjust the template to only carry your company information in the footer so that the format does not interfere with the information listed above.

*Note: Converting the DOCX into a PDF is very important as it will not load otherwise. 

You may also access your Organization Indicator and you Organization Report from this drop-down menu.

Download the file below


Creating Organizational Unit Hierarchy

It is possible for users to have a hierarchy of organizational units. This is great for running multiple units that might have a warehouse, smaller sections of a department store, or larger companies that wish to have regions setup.

To setup a hierarchy, you will need to create the parent organizational unit.

Now, create a new unit in the same manner you would create another organizational unit. Assign it a sector, name, groups etc.

This time you will need to give this new unit a “Superior unit”. See the screenshot.

Once you have selected the superior unit you would like to have that new unit display under. You will need to save the new unit. Click on the Save button. You then have the option to assign the unit to a specific user. Once you have selected that user, click the Add button.

Your new store will appear as a sub-organizational unit. These do not display by default. To view them you will need to hit the “+” next to the number of the organizational unit that you have placed the sub unit under.