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Organization Comparison


Korona offers you the ability to do a comparison of all the Organizational Units in your account. To determine things like products, assortments, sales differences, opening time differences, among other data points.

Viewing an Organization Comparison Report

To view the comparison report, go to the Organizational Unit Overview screen. This is done by going to Settings > Organizational Units.

Once there, click on the organization you wish to view the report for. Click on More > Organization comparison from the drop-down menu.

You will then be presented with the Organization Comparison screen. Click on the Update button to view a summary report of your organizational units. You will see various items, such as revenue, active products, assortments, and productivity.

You also have the ability to change the sort order by using the drop-down just above the report.

NOTE* You will need to hit the update button to view the report with the new parameters you have selected.

Available Sort Order for the Organization Unit Comparison:

  • Organizational Unit: The name of the store being displayed in the report.
  • Active Products: This represents the number of products that are listed and active at that organizational unit.
  • Active Assortments: How many different assortments that store has going at any given time. Active assortments are controlled through the organizational unit settings page. For more information, please visit our Organizational Unit manual page.
  • Gross Revenue: The amount an Organizational Unit has made before Operating Costs, Taxes, Expenses etc based on sales.
  • Net Yield: This number is generated from the amount of money that the store has made after tax and expenses.
  • Gross Profit: The amount the store has made after all costs (expenses, operating costs, and staff costs) has been factored in.
  • Opening Time in Hours: How long the store has been open in terms of hours. Generated by the business times section of the Organizational Unit.
  • Opening Time in Days: How many total days that the store has been open. This comes from the number of business days the store has been open, as determined by the business hours section.
  • Monthly Operating Costs: This value comes from the amount manually entered in the edit organizational unit screen.
  • Monthly Staff Costs: This value comes from the amount entered in the edit organizational unit screen.
  • Sales Area Productivity: This number is based on the total sales made by the store divided by the areas of the sales floor.
  • Shelf Productivity: Shows how active the shelves have been based on the shelf length zones in the organizational unit editing screen.

Moreover, Clicking on one of the Org unit names will give these additional drop-down menu options, Edit Organizational Unit, Cancelled Receipts, Discount Reasons, Organization Report, Receipts, Void Receipts.

Finally, You may export this report via PDF or Excel simply click on the corresponding buttons.