The Cancellations report is a quick way in which you can filter for Revenue and Receipts by Voided or Cancelled Transactions. As a Reminder, a Voided sale is a sale that was finalized but later Voided. A Cancelled Transaction is a transaction that never has been finalized, but may have had products on it at once point before being cancelled.

The cancellation report may be found under your Evaluations > Cancellations. If you can not locate it there you will need to edit your menu entries to view it.

This report may be filtered by Org. Unit, and Date. You also have the option to Show Receipt Void and Receipt Cancellations. Once you have made your desired selections click on Update to refresh the report.

Listed are the Organizational Units, Net Revenue, Receipt count. Also, the report will show any Positive Cancelations (No effect on revenue) plus Negative Cancellations (any cancelation impacting revenue in a negative amount.) On the bottom of the report, in a bold font, there is a Total accumulation for each category listed.

One of the links from this Report also links to Receipts, which is another way in which you can search for these Receipts. However searching via that method will show you the individual Receipts, whereas this Report focuses more on the Totals from those receipts cumulatively.

You may select one of the Organizational Unit names for this additional drop-down menu; Edit Organizational Unit, Cancelled receipts, Discount Reasons, Organization Report, Receipts, and Voided Receipts

Finally, you may export the report via PDF or Excel simply by selecting one from the top of the screen.