Instant Stock Order and Instant Order Portal

The Instant Stock Order allows you to create an order pdf without having the track inventory package. In other words, once you send it, it’s gone. For retail customers using the regular Stock Order is ideal especially when tracking inventory. If you are operating on the basic Package you would use Instant Stock Order to create a pdf.

Note* The instant order portal is only available on the Korona Plus package.

Instant Stock Order

To create an instant stock order navigate to Inventory > Instant Stock Order. If you are running on the basic version you will need to navigate to Purchase > Instant Stock Order.

Next, choose your Target Warehouse and Supplier associated and click Continue.

You will be taken to the Send Stock Order page, here you may add the products you would like to place for an order and click Send. After, You will need to fill in the Recipient information (email), Type in a Subject, and Text. If an Order Interface has been uploaded prior to, it will also list. Order Interfaces may be edited under Inventory > Supplier. Once done click Send

Instant Order Portal

The Instant Order Portal is a very convenient way for the supplier to import all of their products into the Korona system for your viewing and selection, So you may always place orders from an updated list.

Any Vendor or Supplier interested in Integration into the Instant Order Portal should reach out to our support team (contact info at the top of this page)