Why are my order recommendations not working?


Here are some things you should check if your order recommendations are not working.

  • Is my assortment assigned to the Organizational Unit?
    • Order recommendations only include assortments that are set as available for the warehouse. You can check this by going to Settings>Organizational Units. There is a field there called Assortments that you can edit or add.
  • Is my product listed?
    • A Delisted product will not be recommended for reordering but can still be ordered and sold. You can check this by going to Inventory>Products and clicking on any product.
  • Am I tracking my product inventory?
    • You can also find this under Inventory>Products. Order recommendations will not recommend a product if KORONA is not tracking how much you have in your inventory.
  • Do I have my Re-order Levels set?
    • Setting your reorder levels will generate order recommendations based on those levels. You can activate this by navigating to Inventory>Products and clicking on the filter, then the stocks icon. This will provide you with a reorder and maximum level. You can view this inside of the Warehouse tab. This will list all products and their Re-order and Maximum levels.
  • Are my goods below my minimum reorder levels?
    • If your products do not go below the minimum re-order level, you will not get an order recommendation.

If you want more information on how to check these, please visit these helpful manual pages: