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Why are my order recommendations not working?


Here are some things you should check if your order recommendations are not working.

  • Is my assortment assigned to the Organizational Unit? Order recommendations only include assortments that are set as available for the warehouse. You can check this by going to Settings>Organizational Units. there is a field there called Assortments that you can edit or add.
  • Is my product listed? a Delisted product will not recommend a reorder of the product but can still be ordered and sold. You can check this by going to Inventory>Products and click on any product 
  • Am i tracking my products inventory? You can also find this under Inventory>Products. Order recommendations will not recommend a product if korona is not tracking how much you have in your inventory
  • Do i have my Re-order Levels set? Setting your reorder levels will generate order recommendations based on those level. You can activate this by navigating to Inventory>Products and clicking on the filter then the stocks icon. This will provide you with a reorder and maximum level. You can view this inside of the Warehouse tab, this will list all products and their Re-order and Maximum levels.
  • Are my goods below my minimum reorder levels? If your products do not go below the minimum re-order level you will not get an order recommendation.


if you want more information on how to check these please visit these helpful manual pages.

Assortment Manual Page

Deactivated V.S. Delisted Manual Page

Re-order Levels Manual Page