Data Imports (Minimum Import Requirements)

Importing product information and data is easy with Korona’s built-in File Importer. This page will go over all the minimum requirements in order to import certain information into Korona. If you want to learn more about importing and what each category means please visit our Data Exchange (Custom Data Imports) Page.

Note: Recommended file types for importing are CSV, XLS, XLSX.

Click the links below to download our editable import sheets.

Importing Products

In order to import your products into Korona, the minimum needed to do so successfully are Product Name, Commodity Group and Product Retail Price. This will be enough to import your products and will automatically assign the Sector, Product Number and Organizational Unit to your products.

Importing Suppliers To Products

The minimum information needed to import suppliers into your products for korona are, Supplier Name, Supplier Item Code, Supplier Package Quantity (can be left blank and will default to 1), and Supplier Item Price.

Note: If you need to import multiple suppliers for the same exact product you will need to do multiple separate imports. (One import per supplier being added)

Importing Product UPC codes

If you are importing UPC codes on a separate sheet you will need either the Product Number or Product Name along with the UPC/Product Code assigned to that product.