Reorder Levels / Order Recommendations

KORONA allows you to set reorder levels and generate order recommendations based on those levels. The following guide will outline how to set reorder levels and how to generate orders.

Set Reorder Levels

Set Reorder Levels for a Specific Product

To set reorder levels for a specific product, go to your product list under Inventory > Products and select the item for which you would like to set reorder levels. After you select the product, you can use the Stocks button to access the stock screen.

The following screen will allow you to adjust the Reorder Level and Maximum Stock Level for each warehouse individually. Once you’re done setting your reorder levels, confirm the changes by pressing Save.

If you use the store package, please use the Store Prices instead. On this page, you may choose to List or Delist all org units, or you may choose to list Only Warehouses by clicking on the respective button. You may also enter a date for the Shelf Life.

Set Reorder Levels for Multiple Products

To set reorder levels for multiple products, go to your product list under Inventory > Products and open the Filter option. After you select the desired filters, you can use the Stocks button to access the stock screen.

The following screen will require you to select a specific Warehouse first. Once you have selected the warehouse. You can adjust reorder levels for each product that matches your filter.  Once you are done making changes, you can apply them by using the save button.

*Note: This data can be imported. You can work with our support team to accomplish this. They will need a .csv or excel sheet with KORONA Product Numbers, Minimum Amount, Maximum Amount, and Warehouse. With this data, it is possible to mass update these levels via an Import. 

Order recommendation / Short Stock Widget

If you don’t already have the Short Stock widget on your dashboard, you can add it by selecting Short Stock from the widget list.

Once you have added the Short Stock/Order recommendation widget, you can select a specific Warehouse from the drop-down menu to review the recommendations. Click Show details. Once the Short Stock page launches, on the left-hand side are the Supplier names, Items (Quantity), and Total (monetary amount).

Products with shortages are listed on the right-hand side. Listed for these products are the Name, Number, Order Code, and Quantity. By clicking Create Stock Order, the system will automatically compile the order and take you there. On the Edit Stock Order page, continue the order as usual. once satisfied with the selections, click Book. 

NOTE: For short stocks to work, the Assortment must be assigned to the Org Unit.

Order recommendations and Case vs Quantity

When the system generates an Order Recommendation, it will be based on single quantities. If you have Container Amounts set up inside your Products you’ll see a Container Amount and a Quantity. The system will try to get you to your Maximum Value in Quantity but can only accomplish this using the specified Container Amount available. For instance, if you only need a Quantity of 3 items, but you order in Container Amounts of 9, you’ll be 6 over what you wanted to have in your inventory. That results from being the selected Container Amount available when ordering this product.