Stocks (POS Online Function)

KORONA POS Stocks online function lets you view your stock levels straight from your POS. This online function will pull up stock levels for all products selected on a receipt. This feature can be handy when wanting to check other locations/warehouses for specific products.

Viewing Stock Levels at the POS

In order to view stock levels at the POS, you must create the online button function Stocks. To learn more about doing so, please visit our Create POS Buttons/ Button Configuration manual page.

Once you have created the button at the POS, begin by selecting all the products you wish to see stock levels for and click “Stock.” All Products, including Sub-Products, will be listed with Product Number and Stock Level (for the current warehouse).

Clicking on the magnifying glass next to each product will give you Stock Levels for all warehouses. It will also list the number of Ordered Goods and the last Date of Order. If you would like to go back to the list of stocks, click the “<“ arrow at the top left corner of the screen. Once done, click Back to return to the main screen.