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Order Cycle


The Order Cycle is a great tool used to automate stock orders for a specific supplier. 

To set order cycles begin by navigating to Inventory > Stock Orders > Order cycles. Once you are on the page select the cycle you wish. Click New at the top of the screen, this should launch the Create Stock Order Cycle page.

On the create stock order cycle the Number field will self-generate. give the cycle a Name. choose the cycle Interval, your options are weekly or daily and specify a Start Date. Make sure you mark the “Active” checkbox as the cycle will remain inactive otherwise.

In the cycle graph below, you must first choose the Stock Order Template from the drop-down menu or you may create a new one from the Stock Orders page by clicking on “Template”. 

Next, you must select the date and time the template will be converted into a stock order. Continue by selecting the date and time the stock orders will be submitted for approval.

Finally, select the date and time you would like the system to do an automatic send for those orders.

Once done click Save.

On the stock order page once the “Order Cycles”  is selected all cycles created will be listed and you may Edit, Copy or Delete any listed cycle.