Payment Processor Support Contact

Here are some of the most commonly used payment processor contact information.Note: Some of these processors may only have phone support available TSYS Information Email: General SalesPhone: 888.845.9457 Support for PAX, TransIT Pass and ISV SoftwarePhone: 855.882.0507 First Data  Merchant Support for Small Businesses Phone: 877.810.9315 Priority/Bold Support Phone: 800.935.9561 Heartland Support Payment Processing24/7 … Read More

Econduit Configuration

For usage in configuring Credit/Debit terminals through the Econduit payment Gateway service. Setting up Econduit Payment Terminals Start by navigating to Settings > POS Profile. From there scroll down until you see the + Add Device option. The device type is going to be Credit Terminal, and the device is going to be Econduit Credit Terminal. … Read More

Manual Credit Card Payments on PAX

Taking Credit Card Payments on PAX Machine Manually There are a few key elements needed when manually taking payments on a PAX machine. The needed information is card number, expiration date, and CVV  or CSC (3digits on the back, although sometimes it is a 4 digit number on the front). The card number is mandatory. However, you may … Read More


When taking and fulfilling customer orders, a method of invoicing is needed to collect payments. With the Korona Invoicing package, users have the ability to generate invoices manually, as well as from offers, delivery notes, customer orders and rentals  The menu for your invoices can be accessed by navigating to Invoicing > Invoices. Once you are on that screen, any … Read More

Payment Methods

Payment methods are the various ways customers pay for their products or services. The common methods are cash, check, credit or debit cards. Creating Payment Method Korona allows you to set up multiple payment methods as needed. It also offers the ability to customize the payment methods for your business needs. To access your payment … Read More