Payment Methods

Payment methods are the various ways customers pay for their products or services. The common methods are cash, check, credit or debit cards. Creating Payment Method Korona allows you to set up multiple payment methods as needed. It also offers the ability to customize the payment methods for your business needs. To access your payment … Read More

Payment Method Report

The Payment Method Report shows you how much sales were generated using which payment type in the specified period. For help configuring different payment types please read our Payment Method manual page. The overview can be filtered according to the Organizational unit, POS, Cashier, and Date. Once you have made the desired selections click on … Read More

Revenue Allocation Account setup & Report

Revenue allocation Accounts are amounts or portions of revenue that are assigned to a particular recipient. For example employee commissions, tips, and gratuity. Revenue Allocation Account Setup Creating the Account To create a Revenue Allocation Account navigate to Settings > Revenue Allocation Accounts, and click on New. If you can not find it there, you will need to Edit Menu Entries. Give … Read More

Customer Group Report

The Customer Group Report shows how many receipts for which customer group have been posted and how much revenue they have generated. The Customer Group Report can be found in the Evaluations tab. If it does not appear there, click here to learn how to customize the section. The overview is filterable for Organizational Unit and Date. Once you have made … Read More

How does the profit get calculated?

The current profit margin for product prices is determined by the difference between the retail price and the last purchase price.  The last purchase price can be found in the edit product screen. It is automatically updated if you book a stock order or stock receipt. Profit margins are calculated using the actual sales price, which … Read More