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Prepaid Transactions

The Prepaid transactions report gives an overview of all gift cards used within a certain time frame. It also lists any Carried Balance, Gained Balance, Deposits, Withdrawals, Deposit Summary, and Withdrawal Summary. The prepaid transactions report can be found under the Evaluations tab. If you do not see your report there please refer to our Edit ...

Gift Card Setup

Gift cards are a great way to not only increase revenue through sales but to increase your customer base as well. Korona features it's own fully featured gift card system that is not only easy to set up but easy to use. This page will guide you through setting up the gift card system. This ...

Prepaid Cards Report

The Prepaid Cards report gives you an overview of all your prepaid cards or vouchers sold. It is filterable by voucher number and period and shows you the vouchers by their number with original purchase date, purchase price, and current credit balance. This report may be found under the Evaluations tab, if you cannot locate ...