Prepaid Transactions

The Prepaid Transactions report gives an overview of all gift cards used within a certain time frame. For information on setting up gift cards, please review our Prepaid Cards manual page.

The prepaid transactions report can be found under Evaluations > Prepaid Transactions. If you do not see your report there, please refer to our Edit Menu Entries manual page.

This report can be filtered by the Gift Card Number, Receipt Number, Customer, and Date.

Once the results have been generated, you’ll see an overview of Balance Starting, Gained Balance, Deposits, Withdrawals, Deposit Totals, and Withdrawal Totals.

Additionally, you may select a date and time and select the Receipt associated. You also have the option of selecting a Voucher Number to view all Prepaid Cardsassociated.

Finally, you may select one of the POS devices listed, and an additional menu will appear where you can select from Edit the point of sale, Account Transactions, End of Day Statements, Hierarchical Commodity Group Report, Payment Method Report, Receipt Journal, and Receipts.

This report can be exported via PDF or Excel by selecting one from the top of the screen.