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Merchandise & Shipping in KORONA.event

How to add merchandise and set up shipping in KORONA.event In the KORONA back office, you can use the tag "use-as-merchandise" to add products as merchandise and "requires-shipping" to be shippable in KORONA.event * Under others on the product page, if you add an image here this will appear on the shop. If you ...

Promotion Wizard

As part of the Advanced Promotions function, Korona has recently introduced a Wizard Module to aid in the creation of promotions. Getting Started First navigate to Promotions < Couponing Promotions. At the top of the screen there will be a red New Button. Once a new page has opened, hit the purple Wizard button, on …


KORONA Self Checkout API


Korona .Events

Korona.Events is an additional application that can be linked to your Korona.Cloud account and your Korona POS KORONA EVENTS is still under development at this time. As new features become available this page will be updated. At this time some features that you see in the backend of KORONA EVENTS are not fully functional yet. ...

End of Day Statements Key

The end of day statement is a summary of all activity for one register for a z-count period.  A z-count period represents a business day.  Other than a calendar day, the z-count period is defined by when a business opens to when it closes.  The end of day statement is also called z-tape.   Note: ...

Cashier Start Up

Getting Started Cashiers will first be confronted with the login screen. If you have a password after entering your login and hitting 'Login' enter your password and then hit 'Login' again. Workflow Ringing Items Your general screen will look somewhat like this to the right. You can ring in items by pressing buttons for products ...


Korona.Integration is an add-on tool that can be linked to your Korona.Cloud account to help you do a variety of tasks with data from Korona. This page is still a work in progress, for any questions please email us at Getting Started  Korona.Integration allows you to set up your own data to export and ...

Loyalty Card Report

The Loyalty Card report is useful for getting a summary of all loyalty card interactions within a certain time frame. For help setting up a program with bonus points or stamps, please refer to our Loyalty Card manual page. This report will list any Loyalty Cards and associated Customers to those cards for the time ...

Discount Reasons Report

The Discount Reasons Report ascribes a reason code for the various discounts that have taken place at the Point of Sale. This can be helpful in determining WHY a discount took place.  The Discount Reasons report is found in the Evaluations tab. If it does not appear there, click here to learn how to customize the section. ...

Dejavoo Payment Terminal Setup

This will help you set up your Dejavoo Credit Terminal. Before getting started you must make sure that the Dejavoo device is boarded on the SPIN network platform, and you have been provided with your specific Dejavoo SPIN registerID and SPIN authKey. First, create a new device in the checkout profile. To do this, go ...
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