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Bonus Points for Customers

Creating Bonus Points for Customers Promotion Go to the promotions page by navigating to Promotions module on the left side, then select 'Couponing Promotions'. Here you can create new promotions or manage existing ones. To get started, click on New. Then select the type 'Bonus Points for Customer'. Trigger Box In the Trigger box is where ...

KORONA Ticket Server API

In order to acquire API access to the Korona Ticket Server please contact our support team. API v1 Swagger JSON API v1 Documentation

Container Mode

Container Mode allows the POS to default to a product container instead of an individual product when selected. This is a great feature for selling products with the same bar code. Getting Started  First, we will need to create a product that will be our Container. Specify whether this is a 4 pack, 6 pack, ...

Tips/Tipping Guide

Tipping can be setup two different ways depending on what is preferred. The first is by having a prompt on the credit card terminal asking if they would like to tip, and the second way is to have a set up in Korona with an account for your tips for dollar amount suggestions or percentages. ...

How can I change my email and reset my password?

Resetting your password and changing your email in Korona is a super simple. Here we will describe the process for resetting your password and changing your email.   Password Reset If you forgot or need to reset your password just go to the Korona cloud login screen or click on this link to be redirected ...

Data Imports (Minimum Import Requirements)

Importing product information and data is easy with Korona's built-in File Importer. This page will go over all the minimum requirements in order to import certain information into Korona. If you want to learn more about importing and what each category means please visit our Data Exchange (Custom Data Imports) Page.   Note: Recommended file ...

PartnerTech A5 Setup Guide

Setting up your PartnerTech POS Terminal 1) Removing Back Cover Using a Phillips head screwdriver, Lift the protective covers and remove both screws holding the back plate in. Once both screws are removed the back plate should slide away from your terminal. 2) Plug in the Ethernet (LAN) Cable Please make sure to plug the ...

Payment Processor Support Contact

Here are some of the most commonly used payment processor contact information.   Note: Some of these processors may only have phone support available  TSYS Information Email: General Sales Phone: 888.845.9457 Support for PAX, TransIT Pass and ISV Software Phone: 855.882.0507   First Data  Merchant Support for Small Businesses Phone: 877.810.9315   Priority/Bold Support ...

Entry Report

The Entry Report can be used to view what types of tickets have been redeemed or activated. This is only available with the Korona.Entry package. The data for this report is generated from Products sold w/ attached Ticket Definitions, and those Sold ticket products being Validated at an Entry Gate. Setting up Entry Report Parameters ...

Econduit Configuration

For usage in configuring Credit/Debit terminals through the Econduit payment Gateway service. Setting up Econduit Payment Terminals Start by navigating to Settings > POS Profile. From there scroll down until you see the + Add Device option. The device type is going to be Credit Terminal, and the device is going to be Econduit Credit Terminal. ...
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